Once you place your order, it takes about one to three weeks to receive it at your address, depending on the destination country and the shipping method you’ve selected. You’ll find the estimated delivery period in your order confirmation emails, as well as in the app, under "Profile" -> “My Orders”. We recommend you wait until the end of that time span.

If the delivery period is already over and you selected tracked shipping, verify the online tracking. You’ll find the link on the shipping confirmation email we’ve sent you. Here you should find your parcel’s whereabouts.  If there’s not enough information, you can also search for your parcel tracking number in your national postal services online tracker.

For orders shipped without tracking, check with your neighbours if they got your parcel by mistake. You can also enquire your local post office if there’s any pending parcel on your name/address sent in such envelopes:

If it’s already more than one week from the maximum delivery date, report this situation to us. Don’t forget to mention your order number and your delivery address in your message. We’ll find the best possible resolution for you!