At Piiics, we take your privacy very seriously!

When you register with Piiics, we only ask you for a first name, login email address and a password. This is to ensure you have a unique private account that no one else has access to. Whenever you authorise us, we also use your email address to send you Piiics promotions.

If you submit an order, we will request your name, delivery address and card details. Name and address are essential as we need to know who and where to send the products you ordered. We store these details in our own database and we don’t share them with any other company or institution.

Payment details are also needed to charge any applicable product and/or shipping costs. We share these details in a secure and encrypted connection with our payment provider, who’s also PCI Level 1 compliant. None of our employees has access to your card’s full details.

You can ask us at any time to unsubscribe from our own mailing list. Just use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any promotional email, and you’ll be immediately out.

You can also request us to delete your payment details or even your full details from our database. Email our Happy Piiics team and we’ll follow up.